Code Much? Come Speak at or Attend a Developer Event Near You

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Code Much? Come Speak at or Attend a Developer Event Near You

If you're an expert on containers, microservices, APIs, DevOps, open source tech, or the latest development techniques, consider heading off to Oracle Code 2017.

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Oracle Code 2017, a new global event series for and about open source developers, is open now for papers from technologists ready to share their coding expertise.

Oracle Code is an opportunity for developers around the world to learn to build applications using the most popular open source technologies and latest development techniques, with topic areas covering an array of technologies and practices including containers, microservices and APIs, DevOps, and open source technologies. “We’re looking for technical content about your approach to solving specific problems in the app development process,” says Bruno Borges, principal product manager for Oracle Cloud platform as a service (PaaS) and an open source evangelist.

Building a Global Developer Community

The Oracle Code series starts on March 1 in San Francisco, followed by New York on March 21, and then moving to 18 more cities around the world. Borges and his team are looking for regional speakers for all events. “We’re covering every continent except Antarctica,” he says. Each city will get a little different event, he says, because, “we want to find Indian developers in India talking about development technologies that are popular there and we want to go to Berlin, Germany and see what in that area is popular.”

“Another cool thing is that after each event, we want to make all that content available on the Oracle Developer website,” Borges says. “So if a developer goes to Oracle Code in Austin, Texas, and we later hold an Oracle Code in London, we want to make the London content available for the Austin developers as well.”

Borges is quick to point out that Oracle Code is a developer conference. “It’s not to talk about products or commercial solutions,” he says. “We’re focused on providing information that addresses what developers need to know these days.” Borges says that developers today have to solve problems that didn’t exist in the past. “Applications have to deal with millions or billions of users,” he says. “They have to be online 24/7, and be accessible from anywhere on any device.” And, he says, they have to be constantly updated with new features.

“For developers, it’s really about the delivering all these requirements without having to build everything from scratch,” says Borges. Developers are looking to use ready-made infrastructure in the cloud. And they are looking to cloud-based platform software that expands their capabilities without adding too much coding time and complexity. “These are things like databases, programming languages, runtimes, mobile analytics, customer analytics, monitoring, management, automation—all of that,” he says.

These are the building blocks of modern application development, he adds, “and we need to help developers understand how to put it all together.”

For more information about Oracle Code and more complete list of topic areas, check out the Oracle Code site.

If you're considering submitting a session proposal, Borges offers a little advice, “Developers like to see code and live demos so they can learn by example,” he says. “And it’s more fun that way.”

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