Code Quality: Honing Your Craft

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Code Quality: Honing Your Craft

A compendium of DZone articles that discuss the nature of code quality, and how to improve code quality through analysis and conduct reviews.

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Code quality may be a moving target, but you can get closer to the target with some help. In this post, we go through the lessons learned by software developers with decades of combined experience. Read on and enhance your code quality!  

Code Quality Lessons and Tutorials

Code Quality
Code Quality Takes Practice. So Get to Practicing!

  1. What Does Code Quality Actually Mean? by RJ Williams and Erik Dietrich. Want to make sure your code is of high-quality? This dev suggests that you should be able to read it as if it were written in prose. Does your code pass the test?

  2. Let Code Quality Guide You by David Bernstein. See what an Agile expert has to say on the importance of code quality, and the principles he uses to guide his development efforts.

  3. TDD and Code Quality by Grzegorz Ziemonski. TDD can make your code better, but there’s a ton of ways to do it wrong. To take full advantage of it, you need to understand those pitfalls and learn how to avoid them.

  4. Custodians of Software Quality by Lokesh Raj. Creating and maintaining the predictability of quality of your software is one of the primary objectives. Learn some strategies that can help you here.

  5. Why Code Quality Is Vital in the World of Database DevOps by Matt Hilbert. This article takes a look at why it is vital that code quality is enforced because now, developers are working across both applications and databases.

  6. Things to Do to Improve Code Quality by Allan Kelly. A developer and agile expert takes a look at several different aspects of agile development processes that lead to higher code quality. 

  7. It's Not Too Late!!: How to Write Quality Code by Nitesh Sharma. Keep in mind that it's never too late to write and refactor code to increase its quality and make it more robust.

  8. From Cold Fries to Broken Code, Quality Matters: How Chick-fil-a Is Redefining Quality Engineering by Lanier Norville. What do the original chicken sandwich and code quality have in common? Chick-fil-a is changing the way companies think about quality engineering through more structured QA. 

  9. Code Quality: Fighting Primitive Obsessions Code Smells by Anna Makowska. A discussion on what qualifies as a primitive obsession code smell, and how to refactor your code to increase code quality and get rid of this code smell.

  10. Quality Code Is Loosely Coupled by David Bernstein. In this article, we take a look at loosely coupled code, and why this is the preferable way to couple your code while working in an Agile environment. Do you agree with this assessment of code quality?

Code Quality via Reviews

Code Quality
Code Quality and Code Reviews
  1. Pesky Code Review Comments by Oren Eini. While they may seem minor or annoying, even the smallest changes in code can improve readability and future functionality.

  2. What it Takes to Get Certified to Review Code at Google by Brennan Angel. Learn about code readability, how code review works at Google, and the skills that help you get certified to push JavaScript code to production at an industry leader.

  3. Continuous Code Reviews and Quality Releases by Aravind Kashyap. Let's look at how we can make a solid end-to-end code review process with continuous monitoring in place and deliver high quality products. 

  4. Three Keys to Code Review by Maria Khalusova. In this post, we take a look at how to get started with implementing code reviews within your team using three important aspects.

  5. What Is a Code Review and Why Do You Need It? by Aleks Pedchenko. To create great software, it often takes a village. Read on to learn how your team can use code reviews to create higher quality software.

  6. How Code Reviewing Can Help With Quality Assurance by Arnab Roy. The practice of setting up and conducting code reviews is not one that should be taken lightly. Learn why here.

  7. Code Review for Software Quality by Lokesh Raj. A foolproof code review process for software quality; including software development, pull requests, and knowledge retention.

  8. Sample Code Review Checklist by Oguzhan Dogan. An explanation of why code review is important, and an example of how to properly review code.
  9. Code Review Patterns and Anti-Patterns Refcard by Jennifer McGrath. The code review process is crucial for quality assurance, and there are many ways of going about it. Patterns for code review make this process run a lot more smoothy. This Refcard covers eight of the most popular patterns: long-running PRs, self-merging PRs, heroing, over-helping, “just one more thing,” rubber stamping, knowledge silos, and a high bus factor.  

  10. Code Review by Steven Lott. While there isn't any code here, it could still be helpful to review the criticisms this developer had to see if there are similar mistakes in your code.

Code Analysis as a Tool for Better Code Quality

Code Quality
Code Quality Analysis Go Together Like Devs in Pair Programming
  1. Getting Started With Static Analysis Without Overwhelming the Team by William McMullin. Getting started with static analysis tools can be tricky if you haven't first taken some time to make sure you've identified the right strategies to take for your project.

  2. Code Analysis Part 1: What You Should Know About Technial Debt by Federico Toledo. In part one of this three part series on code analysis, we explore technical debt and the means for tackling it before it accrues interest.

  3. Code Analysis Part 2: Analyzing Code With SonarQube by Federico Toledo. In this post, the author shares a tutorial that shows you how to do a proof of concept quickly using a Docker SonarQube image, and run the analysis from SonarQube Scanner.

  4. How to Analyze Your Code Quality in 10 Mintues With Sonarqube and Docker by Amritendu De. Reference this short code snippet of instructions on how to perform a static code analysis using Docker and Sonarqube in ten minutes or less.

  5. Using PVS-Studio to Get Beginners Familiar With Code Analysis Tools by Andrey Karpov. This article goes through some of the characteristic of PVS-Studio as an ideal static code analyzer for students and those learning to develop software.

  6. Introduce Static Anslysis in the Process, Don't Just Search for Bugs With It by Ivan Ponomarev. This article proposes that the purpose of static code analysis has been misconstrued and that for it to be effective, if must be run continuously.

  7. Setting Up Static Code Analysis for Java by Mladen Olic. Need help setting up static code analysis for your Java project? Check out this tutorial on how to set up the static code analysis and enhance your code quality. 

  8. How Does Static Analysis Prevent Defects and Accelerate Delivery? by Arthur Hicken. Pinpointing errors early on saves time and work for developers later in the process. See how this is facilitated by static analysis.

  9. Code Analysis With SonarQube, Part 1: Setup by Naveen Kosana. We introduce SonarQube, a code analysis and code quality software, and how you how to set it up on your machine so you can start easily testing code quality.

  10. Code Analysis With SonarQube + Docker + .NET Core by Thiago Loureiro. We look into how to create a code analysis environment, and configure this environement, using SonarQube with Docker + SonarQube (7.5) + .NET Core Project.

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