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Code Reports Rake Task

Will run various Ruby Gems for creating code quality reports, store them in public/ in your Rails app, and create public/reports.html with links to each report.  You need Saikuro, Flog, Flay, Reek, and Roodi, since this Rake task uses them all.

Save this Rake task in your lib/tasks/ directory in your Rails app, and give it the extension .rake so that you can then run 'rake metrics:make_all'.

namespace :metrics do
  def get_mtime(path)
    File.mtime(path).strftime("%Y-%m-%d %I:%M %p")
  desc 'Generates Reek report'
  task :make_reek do
    require 'find'
    require 'fileutils'
    reek_dir_name = "reek"
    reek_dir = "#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/#{reek_dir_name}"
    index_file = "#{reek_dir}/index.html"
    output_files = {}
    unless File.exists?(reek_dir) && File.directory?(reek_dir)
    Find.find(RAILS_ROOT) do |path|
      if (
        (path =~ /#{RAILS_ROOT}\/app\// || path =~ /#{RAILS_ROOT}\/lib\//) &&
        path =~ /\.rb$/i
        output_file = "#{File.basename(path)}.txt"
        cmd = "reek #{path} > #{reek_dir}/#{output_file}"
        puts cmd
        output_files[path] = output_file
    puts "Writing index file to #{index_file}..."
    paths = output_files.keys.sort
    File.open(index_file, 'w') do |file|
      file.write("Reek Results for #{RAILS_ROOT}")

Reek Results for #{RAILS_ROOT}

") file.write('
    ') paths.each do |path| name = output_files[path] file.write('
  1. ') link_name = File.basename(name, '.rb.txt') file.write('' + link_name + '') file.write(' from ' + path) file.write("
  2. \n") end file.write('
') file.write('') file.write('') end end desc 'Generates public/reports.html' task :make_index do require 'find' require 'fileutils' puts "\nGenerating index of reports..." reports = [] index_file = "#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/reports.html" Find.find(RAILS_ROOT + '/public') do |path| if ( path =~ /flay_report\.txt$/ || path =~ /flog_report\.txt$/ || path =~ /roodi_report\.txt$/ ) reports << File.basename(path) end end File.open(index_file, 'w') do |file| file.write('') file.write('') file.write("Reports for #{RAILS_ROOT}") file.write('') file.write('') file.write("

Reports for #{RAILS_ROOT}

") file.write('
    ') reek_file = "#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/reek/index.html" if File.exists?(reek_file) file.write('
  1. Reek') file.write(", last updated #{get_mtime(reek_file)}
  2. ") end token_file = "#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/saikuro/index_token.html" if File.exists?(token_file) file.write('
  3. Tokens') file.write(", last updated #{get_mtime(token_file)}
  4. ") end cyclo_file = "#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/saikuro/index_cyclo.html" if File.exists?(cyclo_file) file.write('
  5. Cyclomatic complexity') file.write(", last updated #{get_mtime(cyclo_file)}
  6. ") end reports.each do |name| file.write('
  7. ') file.write('' + name + '') file.write(", last updated #{get_mtime(RAILS_ROOT + '/public/' + name)}") file.write('
  8. ') end file.write('
') file.write('') file.write('') end end desc 'Generates Roodi report' task :make_roodi do puts "\nGenerating Roodi report..." cmd = "roodi \"#{RAILS_ROOT}/**/*.rb\" > #{RAILS_ROOT}/public/roodi_report.txt" puts cmd system(cmd) end desc 'Generates Flay report' task :make_flay do puts "\nGenerating Flay report..." cmd = "flay #{RAILS_ROOT}/app/ > #{RAILS_ROOT}/public/flay_report.txt" puts cmd system(cmd) end desc 'Generates Saikuro report' task :make_saikuro do saikuro_dir = "#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/saikuro/" unless File.exists?(saikuro_dir) && File.directory?(saikuro_dir) FileUtils.mkdir(saikuro_dir) end puts "\nGenerating Saikuro report..." cmd = "saikuro -c -t -i #{RAILS_ROOT}/app/ -y 0 -w 11 -e 16 -o #{saikuro_dir}" puts cmd system(cmd) end desc 'Generates Flog report' task :make_flog do puts "\nGenerating Flog report..." cmd = "flog #{RAILS_ROOT}/app/ > #{RAILS_ROOT}/public/flog_report.txt" puts cmd system(cmd) end desc 'Generates all reports.' task :make_all do system('rake metrics:make_reek') system('rake metrics:make_roodi') system('rake metrics:make_flay') system('rake metrics:make_saikuro') system('rake metrics:make_flog') system('rake metrics:make_index') end end

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