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Codeigniter 2.1.0 Released

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Codeigniter recently announced the release of version 2.1.0, an incremental but significant upgrade from 2.0.x.

Codeigniter releases are coming faster than ever before, thanks to their recent move to GitHub -- an impressive testament not only to GitHub's power, but also to the strength of the PHP (and Codeigniter in particular) community.

You can read the full changelog, but here are the highlights from the release announcement:

  1. Migrations - version your database schema with simple up() and down() methods.
  2. PDO Database Driver - CodeIgniter now supports PDO which opens up the number of Database engines you can use significantly.
  3. More PHP 5 syntax - since removing support for PHP 4 we’ve been deleting old PHP 4 code and replacing it with much quicker PHP 5 code.

The team is hard at work on 3.0, which promises bigger improvements, but observes that there's no reason not to upgrade to 2.1.

Read the full release announcement here.

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