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Codeigniter and Object-Oriented PHP: Two Guides

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As Codeigniter builds on its (already considerable) popularity, now might be a good time to think about using the massively community-supported PHP framework to its maximum potential, if you aren't already.

Here are two tutorials to check out, depending on your level of familiarity with object-oriented PHP and frameworks:

  • If you're cool with PHP, but haven't used Codeigniter before, 'Codeigniter for the absolute beginner' should help. The author, Jorge Torres, walks you through literally every line of initial configuration, plus an easy intro to writing object-oriented PHP. (If you're not comfortable with the idea of OO PHP, or don't like it when a framework takes too much control from you, check out this article.)
  • If you've already installed Codeigniter, but want a comprehensive explanation and walk-through of how Codeigniter creates dynamic websites, try IBM DeveloperWorks' 'Developing dynamic Web sites with CodeIgniter'. The article doubles as a practical, applied intro to best MVC practices, useful within or without any specific PHP framework.


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