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CodeTalk: Jakarta EE's Cloud Native Opportunities [Podcast]

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CodeTalk: Jakarta EE's Cloud Native Opportunities [Podcast]

A common critique of Java EE (now Jakarta EE) is that it hasn't kept up with what the cloud has to offer. Let's see what cloud native Java looks like in a Jakarta world.

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Thanks for tuning in to another episode of DZone's CodeTalk Podcast where hosts Travis Van and Travis Carlson have early conversations with the creators of new developer technologies. For the next few episodes, we'll be stepping outside of our usual coverage to interview a series of folks on Jakarta EE (the platform formerly known as Java EE) to hear from a number of perspectives on what the switch from Oracle governance to Eclipse means for developers.

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Check back every Wednesday for a fresh episode, and if you're interested in being involved as a guest or have feedback for our hosts, scroll down to the bottom for contact information. Also be sure to check out the previous episode in our Jakarta series, where Travis and Travis both spoke with Mike Milinkovic, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation and Director of the Open Source Initiative, to talk about the Eclipse Foundation and what's in store for Jakarta EE and the specification process behind it.

CodeTalk Episode 8: Jakarta EE's Cloud Native Opportunities

Today the Eclipse Foundation raised the curtain on new “Cloud Native Java” aspirations for the evolution of the Jakarta EE platform. In this week’s episode of CodeTalk we speak with IBM WebSphere chief architect and distinguished engineer Ian Robinson — who is heavily involved with Jakarta EE as well as the MicroProfile project — to continue our look at the changes afoot for Jakarta EE and implications for the Java community.

Key Discussion Points

  • Where Java EE has excelled to date for building cloud-native applications vs. opportunity areas for improvement
  • The release cycles and specification processes around Jakarta EE, and how to balance the need to accelerate platform innovation, while at the same time having a “comprehensive enough” suite of tests to meet compatibility and reliability requirements.
  • What can be learned and applied from the MicroProfile project in terms of faster innovation cycles for Jakarta EE.
  • What MicroProfile does, what the original goal of the project is, and where things stand with the project today.

Want More CodeTalk?

We're still in the early stages here with the relaunch... and to those following along, what I'm about to say will sound familiar. Anyway, we hope to soon give our CodeTalk landing page a facelift and are going to house all future and past episodes in this one place.

For now, stay tuned to DZone for weekly episodes released each Wednesday. And, if you'd like to contact the showrunners to get involved as an interviewee or just simply share your feedback, feel free to message Travis and Travis here: codetalkpodcast@gmail.com.

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