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ColdFusion Builder 2 Real Quick: 9 new or improved features

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ColdFusion Builder 2 Real Quick: 9 new or improved features

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I'll be writing more about ColdFusion Builder over the next few weeks but here are 9 new or improved features I really like:

  • Builder and the keyboard fell in love. The two shall remain intertwined forever. It's a beautiful thing really.
  • Code Formatting which is customizable and preferences shareable via an export file.
  • Way more keyboard shortcuts including ones to navigate through a file. (I have a blog entry on this coming up)
  • Better and more code assist — including by type of data.
  • Cool enhancements for extensions including adding views and opening other files.
  • Something called Quickfix that will add functions, cfm's, cfc's for you if you reference them and they don't exist.
  • A new Search with more options including directory and search over ftp.
  • Code Folding.
  • Use the Task View for TODO or FIXME or other configured options

Go ColdFusion Builder 2 Beta and try it out

My Recommendations for Beta:

  1. After installing, start it up in clean mode. Instructions here.
  2. Keep your version of ColdFusion Builder 1 around and use the same workspace. Then if you need to go back you still can.
  3. Its a beta and part of that means you get to voice what you like and what you would like changed. Provide enhancement requests and report bugs in the new bug tracker (its html and ColdFusion).

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