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ColdFusion from a Console

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ColdFusion from a Console

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Have you seen our HERE Twitch channel to livestream our Developer Waypoints series?

I've been working on a little proof of concept idea and wanted to see if other people liked it and perhaps wanted to see it go further. I've heard a couple of calls for command line ColdFusion. I wanted to see if it could be done.

My first experiment was trying to use AIR new native processes to make a command line client for ColdFusion. It didn't pan out. But the api I used to make it was easily adaptable. I combined it with a socket listener event gateway to make a ColdFusion telnet server.


The video shows it in action.


CFConsole from Terry Ryan on Vimeo.


Like it? Want more. Let me know.  In the meantime the project is available on RIAForge.com and github, please feel free to fork it and play with it.



Developer Waypoints is a live coding series from HERE, which will teach you how to build with maps and location data.


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