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A Collection of JavaScript Compression Tools

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A Collection of JavaScript Compression Tools

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There are plenty of Java compression tools available to developers that provide good compression rates and are easy-to-use. But in this post we will list some of the best JavaScript compression tools available to web developers

Closure Compiler

Closure Compiler is a JavaScript-optimizing compiler that parses, analyzes, and minimizes JavaScript. It's used in many popular Google apps like Gmail and Google Maps.

Learn more about Closure Compiler and download it here.


JSMin is a JavaScript minimizer that removes comments and whitespace from JavaScript files and can reduce file sizes by half.

Learn more about JSMin and download it here.

YUI Compressor

YUI Compressor is another popular JavaScript compressor tool that is uses in many popular websites, most notably Yahoo!.

Learn more about YUI Compressor here and download it here.


UglifyJS is another JavaScript parser, compressor, and beautifier developed specifically for use with Node.js.

Learn more about UglifyJS and download here.


KJSCompress also removes whitespace and comments from JavaScript files, and it is built on top of the JavaScript interpreter for KHTML.

Learn more about KJSCompress here and download it here.


ShrinkSafe is a JavaScript compression tool based on Rhino, a JavaScript interpreter. It is an open-source project and is available for download from the ShrinkSafe site

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