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Commercial Break - Introducing 2 Phone Pong

With a little pride and much joy I hereby release my newest Windows Phone application 2 Phone Pong into the wild. It is intended to show off the fun things you can do with Windows Phone 8, and how you can give a totally different spin – pun intended – to an old idea when you dare to think a little out of the box.

2 Phone Pong is a Windows Phone 8 implementation of the age-old classic arcade game “Pong”, arguably the grand-grand-grandfather of all computer games. It was the very first game developed by Atari in 1972 – so it was already a classic whenI entered high school. But 2 Phone Pong is different in the sense that you play it over two phones. You connect via tap+send, and then you play each on your own phone. How that works, is displayed in the video below. To the left, a Lumia 920. To the right, a Lumia 820 (and a Lumia 1020 on top, doing the actual video capture):

2 Phone Pong demo

The classic rules apply – whoever misses 10 balls loses the game.So you had better be agile!

2 Phone Pong is free – courtesy of  AdDuplex and the the Microsoft PubCenter

2 Phone Pong is fun - at any social occasion. Beat your friend as tweet your victory or put it on Facebook!wp_ss_20130814_0012

2 Phone Pong is easy to get started – 2 instruction videos show you how to connect and play.

2 Phone Pong is challenging – once you get the hang of it, you can increase the ball speed and drive your friends crazy!


And finally – there is more to comeStay tuned for updates and extensions.

Download 2 Phone Pong now, find a friend to challenge, and let me (and the world) know your victories!


  • Windows Phone 8
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • NFC aka tap+send available and enabled.


Thanks to the my fleet of beta testers, which included a few members of the Windows Phone team itself, but most of all Mark Monster and fellow Windows Phone MVP Josué Yeray Julián Ferreiro for a boatload of useful feedback

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