Common Test Phases Executed As Part Of Agile

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Common Test Phases Executed As Part Of Agile

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3. Here are some testing strategies for an Agile methodology.

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If you are new to Agile, it is a process that starts at the beginning of the project in most of the software testing companies with continuous integration between application development and software testing. Along with the incrementing development, the QA process is initiated parallel to the development phase.

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Common Agile Testing Strategies

  • Iteration: Under this first stage, some initial setup tasks are performed. These include:
  • Development: Majority of the testing occurs during the Construction phase. Under this phase, software testing is funneled down to the prioritized requisites.
  • Release: It is the process of deploying the system successfully into production. Training of end users, support people, and operational people fall under this stage.

In my experience with Agile testing, the process can be broken down into 4 key sections. This will definitely help you understand how Agile works:

Phase 1

In this phase, a tester has to focus and work primarily on the internal code quality. This simply means that a tester will have to perform Unit Testing.

Phase 2

In this phase of software testing, a tester mainly works on the requirements and perform testing on key scenarios and workflows.

Phase 3

This phase will show you the status of Phase 1 and Phase 2. In this phase, Usability Testing, Exploratory Testing and User acceptance testing comes into play

Phase 4

This phase is based on the non-functional requirements of the software. These include:

  • Performance

  • Security

  • Stability

  • Scalability

  • Data migration

  • Load testing

Things To Keep In Mind Before You Automate

  • Automated UIs may provide you a great level of confidence, but are slow and fragile. Unless you have hands-on expertise in automation, it may not be the right road for you.
  • Manually run automated test cases can cause test failure if these are not monitored through CI (Continuous Integration).
  • For the quality of the software testing you are looking for, a mixture of testing types and levels is required.
  • Opt for tools which allow you to store test cases inside the version control system, such as Jira.
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