Community NuGet Packages Hasten Windows Phone + Azure App Development

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Community NuGet Packages Hasten Windows Phone + Azure App Development

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Wade Wegner, the lead technical evangelist for Windows Azure, has been working with the community on some sweet NuGet packages for both Windows Phone and Windows Azure, and when they're used in tandem to develop, for example, an Azure push notifications application, it takes nearly no time at all!

... you can enable push notification support in a brand new Windows Phone 7.1 project—and send notifications from a new ASP.NET MVC 3 Web Application running in Windows Azure—in less than two minutes!

All of this is made possible by delivering functional, discrete, and composable NuGet packages. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback (positive and constructive, but fortunately mostly positive) about the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone, and invariably people have said that it’s too hard to decompose the sample applications – often times people just want Push Notification support or user management, and it’s too hard to get rid of the rest.  -- Wade Wegner

Overall, these great new NuGet packages are something that Windows Phone devs should get their hands on immediately.  They make it easy to build advanced application features very quickly and they also make it simple to update your existing apps with major enhancements.

Follow the link below to get Wegner's full tutorial on the various NuGet packages for the Client side (Windows Phone) and the Server side (Azure) and learn how you can use each.

Source: http://www.wadewegner.com/2011/11/nuget-packages-for-windows-azure-and-windows-phone-developers/

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