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CommunityOne 2009 began this morning and now its over, but if we're lucky the experiences we had and the things we learned will stay with us and help to build the community we need and deserve.

When I walked into the Moscone Center to pick up my badge and conference materials, I was greeted with the friendly chaos that goes along with people who don't quite know what they need to do being assisted by professionals who know what needs to be done and do it with a smile.

Once I had everything, I walked through the doors into the room where the opening General Session was going to be held and experienced another kind of chaos. This time it was people catching up with friends and comrades they hadn't seen in a long time - maybe since last year. The room was filled with upbeat music, preparing us for the twelve hour learning marathon that was about to begin.

The conference started with David Douglas, Senior VP of Cloud Computing, welcoming us to the conference and immediately jumping into the importance of community and open source. The key, he said, is open source, open protocols, and open ideas.

He pointed out that things are more complicated than they used to be and that it is difficult for individuals to have the kind of positive impact on society that was possible in the past. Today we are more likely to see progress made by communities like the ones surrounding successful open source projects. He mentioned that Open Office is currently available in 80 languages, which is more that Microsoft Office offers, and that the translations are done by volunteers.

David took some time to let us know that students are getting involved, and in large numbers, around the world. He introduced four "ambassador" representing students from around the world who are getting involved in open source projects, and told us that over 600 students signed up to attend the conference this week.

Dave then introduced Lew Tucker, Sun Cloud CTO, who spoke with us about Sun's approach to cloud computing and  brought in several representatives from companies using and providing tools to work with Sun's Cloud Computing platform. The information and the demos were very interesting and if the reality is anywhere near what we saw, Sun's Cloud Computing platform deserves to be very successful. To learn more about Sun's Could Computing, take a look at the sun.com/clouds website.

One of the keys to Sun's success will be the technologies developed as part of the Open Solaris 2009.06 release, which is available today and will become part of the next major release of the Solaris operating system. There are many improvements but three areas stood out; Open Storage (built on ZFS), Network virtualization (built on project Crossbow), and improved tools for developers and administrators. Check the OpenSolaris site  for more information.

JavaOne starts today and I'll be back with more information soon!

Burk Hufnagel reporting for DZone.

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