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Companies Strengthen Tools to Improve Cloud Storage

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Companies Strengthen Tools to Improve Cloud Storage

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Companies Strengthen Tools to Improve Cloud Storage

September 2, 2015


Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are always seeking for innovation and improvement resulting to their new set of tools aimed to make cloud storage appeal to various people. Regardless of which company it came and what name they go under, there is only one purpose, to offer flexibility to users. It may actually be something that is highly needed in the market.
For Amazon, they are going after iOS developers. They announced a tool that will make the transfer between iOS apps and Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) much simpler and faster. At the meantime, it goes by the name of S3 Transfer Utility and is still in the early stages of development.
On the other hand, Microsoft targets a much wider and general audience. After the free release of their Windows 10, client machines can now be backed up with ease just by using the Azure Backup service. In addition, desktops and laptops operating with Windows 10 can protect file-folder data using the Azure cloud.
Flexibility and freedom is further added by giving users the choice of customizing backup schedules. It could happen as frequent as three days and would keep a low bandwidth usage by only transferring changes rather than copying the entire thing again and again. It might be a simple thing but could go a long way for Microsoft and associated users.
Despite being a little bit old, it is still noteworthy to mention the efforts Google has made. It was early this year when the company announced Cloud Storage Nearline, a service for data archiving, online backup, and disaster recovery. It has a three-second average response time and with a pricing scheme of $0.01 per GB, it is described to be “super interesting”.
With the various offerings, there is no doubt that there are numerous opportunities and possibilities in the cloud and it all comes with flexible and cheap prices. This is the reason why the public cloud is constantly growing and seeing developments every after each year. Though, the private sector is also experiencing the same rate of growth. As a matter of fact, nearly half of the entire cloud using population are in private clouds.
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