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Company Overview: Atempo

A look into the data management solutions that data scientists have at their disposal.

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I had the opportunity to meet with Luc D’Urso, CEO, Ferhat Kaddour, V.P. Sales and Alliances, and Mike Oakes, Sr. Solution Architect at Atempo, the ninth company on IT Press Tour #31.

Their vision of the future is that data volumes are exploding and they will continue to grow at 61% per year through 2025. 80% of data will be unstructured, 50% will reside in the cloud, and 50% on-prem. Meeting the challenge of the data tsunami over-washing every industry as digital transformation is driving all sectors.

There is a new territory of communication around preserving data ecosystems and Atempo believes Miria is the scalable centralized platform for the movement, backup, archiving, and migration of unstructured data.

Data moving where necessary with direct and shared access for remote teams while maintaining security. Data movers perform backup, copy, archiving, and more. They provide multiple copies to different data stores with parallel data flows. For performance and scalability, Data Movers handle fail over, load balancing, process multithreading, and data path optimization.

Miria rapidly backs up data to protect from damage and loss ensuring lasting protection. Free-up storage space on high-performance primary storage and manage storage growth requirement. Migrate large data volumes and billions of files between heterogeneous storage and file systems.

Flexible backup, archiving, and retrieval fits with any workflow — automatic requests, user-initiated requests, and application-driven requests. Administrators are able to manage objest and activity from a central console:

  • Archives:
    • Policies
    • Retention
    • Classification
    • Metadata
  • Users
    • Role-based permissions
    • Access and delegation
    • LDAP integration
  • Activities
    • Task management
    • Jobs monitoring
    • Reports and capacity management
  • Storage
    • Manager and containers
    • Media
    • Interface
  • Data Movers
    • Data Movers roles
    • Data Movers pools
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