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Company Overview: Data Dynamics

Intelligent file management enables enterprises to move, manage, and analyze data seamlessly across hybrid infrastructures.

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I had the opportunity to learn about Data Dynamics today as the third company on IT Press Tour #31. Piyush Mehta, CEO provided an overview of the market in which it is estimated that increasing the usability of data in the average Fortune 1000 company by 10% would boost annual revenue by more than $2 billion.

According to Piyush, Data Dynamics helps companies:

  • Know what data they have and where it resides.
  • Transform the data by enabling data management.
  • Unlock the value of the data by identifying opportunities with effective data governance.
  • Gain a competitive advantage by uncovering insights for informed business decisions.

With StorageX 8.1, customers get:

  • Optimized file scan and analytics powered by ElasticSearch.
  • The ability to perform query searches to create custom datasets.
  • Support of Microsoft Azure Blob.
  • Integration for third-party monitoring tools.
  • Data grooming for Cassandra.
  • New API functions for business workflow integrations.

Data Dynamics is already in 26 of the Fortune 100 and 6 of the world’s 12 largest banks. A bank in Switzerland is now saving $21 million per year as the result of 10X greater productivity with environment optimization. The total cost of storing data in legacy systems, on-prem is $.30/GB per month and falls to $.02/GB per month in the cloud.  

The greatest benefits of StorageX seem to be around compliance and risk mitigation.

  • Understand your data.
  • Effective access and placement of data.
  • Categorization of data for quicker searches and retrieval.
  • Transparency of data to the owners.
  • Able to store data in a secure and accessible manner.
  • Enable data management in a hybrid cloud.

I expected compliance and risk mitigation to be a key driver for financial services, but Piyush said he’s seeing demand across clients in oil and gas and media as they move data to the cloud and store it there.

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