Comparing the JSON APIs Gson and Jackson

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Comparing the JSON APIs Gson and Jackson

Compare JSON APIs Gson and Jackson based on performance for JSON conversion wrappers and creation of lists in both APIs.

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In this post we will compare two famous JSON specific API i.e. Gson and Jackson from a performance point of view:json_1



This class is used for conversion to JSON

public class MeasurementRecord {

private String measurementId;

private long duration;

private long time;

private MeasurementType type=MeasurementType.METHOD_CALL;

 * @param measurementId
 * @param duration
 * @param time
 * @param type
public MeasurementRecord(String measurementId, long duration, long time,
MeasurementType type) {
this.measurementId = measurementId;
this.duration = duration;
this.time = time;
this.type = type;
//getters and setters

public enum MeasurementType {



Code for Creating List

private static List<String> getList(int iteration){
List l=new ArrayList();
for(int i=0;i<iteration;i++){
l.add(new MeasurementRecord("/test.html", 10, System.currentTimeMillis(), MeasurementType.WEB_REQUEST));
return l;

Jackson API

private static long jacksonTest(int iteration)throws Exception{
ObjectMapper mapper=new ObjectMapper();
List<String> l=getList(iteration);
long T1=System.nanoTime();
String json=mapper.writeValueAsString(l);
long T2=System.nanoTime();
return (T2-T1);

Gson API

private static long gsonTest(int iteration){
Gson gson = new GsonBuilder().create();
List l=getList(iteration);
long T1=System.nanoTime();
String json=gson.toJson(l);
long T2=System.nanoTime();
return (T2-T1);




For converting small- or medium-sized lists, Gson provides a better response compared to Jackson. For large lists, Jackson provides a better response than Gson. Based on this results one can conclude that for converting small or medium size list to JSON one can use Gson for better performance.

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