Comparing Golang and Understanding Value Types [Video]

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Comparing Golang and Understanding Value Types [Video]

This conference presentation will compare Go and Java with an eye on seeing how Java developers can frame Golang to make it more understandable.

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I have edited the video I recorded during the conference where I presented Comparing Golang and Understanding Value Types. The conference was DevDays Vilnius, and the talk was May 24, 2018. The video shows the slides and, just for the sake of completeness and to increase the enjoyment factor, my slender self presented in PIP.

I delivered the talk April, too, in Mainz at W-JAX, and it seems that version of the talk is doomed. In Mainz, another talk finished sooner and the presenter’s wireless mic was on the same frequency as mine. They forgot to switch it off, and coming closer to our room, the noise of the coffee break mixed with the signal of my mic.

Here in Vilnius, there was a presentation in the room next to my presentation where apparently there was no air conditioning and all doors and mobile walls were kept open all times. The presentation delivered by Sam Bellen was titled “Channel Your Inner Rockstar with the WebAudio API.” Don’t laugh! It was not funny!

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