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Comparison: HTML5 Frameworks

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Comparison: HTML5 Frameworks

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Daniel Kehoe hasn't finished this ambitious comparison of HTML5 front-end frameworks, but it already shows great promise, and would benefit from your discussion.

Daniel's specific target audience is Rails developers, so he's picked his frameworks accordingly. He approaches the frameworks as follows:

You may see these frameworks referred to as CSS toolkits or libraries, grid systems, boilerplates, or default templates. I call these projects “front-end frameworks” because they are used by the front-end developers who use HTML, CSS, and Javascript and are concerned with design, typography, and cross-browser consistency across devices. Few of the front-end frameworks offer the same set of features; each focuses on different needs and several overlap in usefulness. This article compares features and offers recommendations.

The comparison format is particularly useful, even though the information is not yet complete. Rather than simply list each framework, with features-list attached, Daniel lists features first, then compares frameworks' support of each feature. The web developer's question isn't e.g. 'what can HTML5 Boilerplate do for me', but rather 'how can I easily put my page into a grid' -- focused less on the tool, and more on the result.

Right now most of the info pertains to HTML5 Boilerplate (which has its own separate page), Twitter's Bootstrap (which I've used, and found quite helpful), and Zurb's Foundation -- three of the most popular and feature-rich frameworks available. 

Definitely worth a look, and probably also a collaborative update (especially if you like the feature-centric approach).

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