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A Comparison of Red Hat Enterprise Middleware to Cloud-Native Middleware

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Curator's Note: This comparison is written by an evangelist for WSO2

Red Hat Enterprise Middleware delivers an open source platform supporting web applications, integration, Service Oriented Architecture, and data services.  The Red Hat platform is missing many leading edge Cloud, mobile, Big Data, and API management components.

The Red Hat team defines the Red Hat Enterprise Middleware platform as spanning the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, JBoss Enterprise Business Rules Management System (BRMS) JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform Red Hat Messaging, JBoss Data Grid, JBoss Enterprise Data Services, and JBoss Developer Studio (see Figure 1).  The components allow development teams to build web application, SOA services, data services, business processes, integration connections, and portals.


Red Hat Enterprise Middleware

Red Hat Enterprise Middleware

Figure 1.  Red Hat Enterprise Middleware

Source: http://www.redhat.com/products/jbossenterprisemiddleware/


WSO2, has more extensive platform breadth and product offerings.   The WSO2 platforms span Application Development, SOA & Integration, Governance, Identity and Entitlement Management, Big Data Analytics, and API Management.  Figure 2 visually depicts the WSO2 Enterprise Middleware product offerings.  The WSO2 composable architecture enables development teams to combine multiple products into a cohesive platform based on project business requirements.  The products share an infrastructure foundation that delivers common monitoring, management, security, logging, code synchronization, clustering, load balancing, and scaling capabilities.


WSO2 Enterprise Middleware Services

WSO2 Enterprise Middleware Services

Figure 2. WSO2 Stratos Shared Application Platform Services

Source: http://wso2.com/products/


Because the top-level Red Hat Enterprise Middleware and WSO2 Middleware Platforms mix and match different middleware architectural components, a more detailed product review fully illustrates how the two platforms compare.   Table 1 shows how both vendors offer a complete middleware platform.


Product Category


Red Hat

Application Server WSO2 Application Server Red Hat JBoss Application Server
Business Process WSO2 Business Process Server Jboss Business Rules Management System
Business Rules WSO2 Business Rules Server Jboss Business Rules Management System
Complex Event Processing WSO2 Complex Event Processing Jboss Business Rules Management System
Enterprise Service Bus WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus Jboss SOA Platform
Registry WSO2 Governance Registry Jboss SOA Platform
Message Broker WSO2 Message Broker Red Hat Messaging (MRG-M)
Data Services WSO2 Data Services Server Jboss Data Grid
Portal WSO2 Application Server (includes mashup, gadgets, Jaggery) Jboss Enterprise Portal
Developer Studio WSO2 Developer Studio Jboss Developer Studio
Infrastructure Management and auto-update No product offering RedHat Operations Network
Platform as a Service Framework WSO2 Stratos WSO2 OpenShift

Beta and Roadmap


Red Hat

Cloud Storage WSO2 Storage Service Red Hat Storage
DevOps Cloud Factory WSO2 App Factory No product offering


Table 1.  Red Hat Enterprise Middleware comparison with WSO2 Enterprise Middleware


Significant product offering divergence is seen when identifying products supporting Cloud, mobile, Big Data, and API Management.  Table 2 defines WSO2 products, which do not have a clear Red Hat counterpart.


Product Category


Red Hat

API Management

WSO2 API Manager

No product offering.

Partners with SOA Software

Governance Registry

WSO2 Governance Registry

No product offering.

Partners with SOA Software

DevOps Cloud Factory

WSO2 App Factory (Beta)

No product offering

Business Activity Monitoring

WSO2 Business Activity Monitoring

No product offering

Server-Side JavaScript Server

WSO2 Application Server or standalone open Source Jaggery project

Red Hat OpenShift includes Node.js.   Unproven commitment to Node.js community

Cloud Gateway

WSO2 Cloud Gateway

No product offering

Elastic Load Balancer

WSO2 Elastic Load Balancer

No standalone product offering. Red Hat OpenShift includes a load balancer

Identity Server

WSO2 Identity Server

No product offering

Cloud Application Platform Services

WSO2 Stratos Application Platform Services

Limited (Jboss Application Server, Mongodb,)


Table 2. WSO2 Enterprise Middleware products comparison with Red Hat Enterprise Middleware


Let us know your thoughts about whether the Red Hat Enterprise Middleware platform is adapting and evolving to meet your 21st century use cases.

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