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Compat Inspector Checks Internet Explorer's Persistent Problems

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Compat Inspector Checks Internet Explorer's Persistent Problems

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Having trouble with your site's functionality in Internet Explorer?  Last Friday, Tony Ross, an Internet Explorer Program manager, announced the release of Compat Inspector for Internet Explorer 10.  According to Ross, you can . . .

. . . run Compat Inspector on any page experiencing problems.  Then watch for messages explaining potential issues and steps you can take to resolve them. -- Tony Ross

The JavaScript-based testing tool allows for a quick identification of problems because it analyzes a site while the site is running.  One of the primary aims here is to help out those sites that are migrating from IE9 to IE10, and Ross directs readers to the IE9 Compatibility Cookbook and the IE 10 Developer Guide for further help.  These combined resources may not be enough, though.  Comments on the Ross's post suggest that the community is not only slightly underwhelmed by Compat's performance, but with Internet Explorer in general, with one commenter writing

If IE changes will affect my site?!  When doesn't anything in IE does not affect anyone's site? --Rob

Another commenter takes this grievance a step further, pinpointing some persistent problems within IE that essentially require hacks to be applied to the browser . . .

IE will not be respected as a modern, standards based browser as long as IE continues to merge items into the same namespace if the NAME and ID attributes are similar.  They have **NEVER** been part of the same namespace, and **NEVER** should be - they represent 2 massively different concepts... ID's are unique, singular values on any element.... NAME's are groups of "n" element(s), for things like form elements. --Greg

Perhaps Greg is making a valid point here, as a strong browser should not require a troubleshooter created solely for identifying it's own problems.  Follow the link to Compat Inspector, and let us know what you think below.


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