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Compendium of Practice Testing Apps — Version 1.2

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Compendium of Practice Testing Apps — Version 1.2

All levels of testing are crucial to ensuring quality software. The Evil Tester's Compendium of Testing Apps is designed to help keep you sharp.

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To help you practice your testing, I have The Evil Tester's Compendium of Testing Apps. One download = lots of apps to practice testing on.

Version 1.2

Version 1.2 of the Evil Tester's Compendium of Testing Apps has...

  • an improved index page so the RestListicator and The Pulper are easier to access
  • The Pulper now has a nicer GUI and the ability to Create, Update and Delete entities
  • Some new test pages in the Selenium Page list (file upload, html5 components)

You can download it from GitHub:

The Evil Tester's Compendium of Testing Apps

This is a compilation of apps to help you practice your testing and your automating.

The compendium-of-test-apps-1-2-0.jar contains all the other apps - one download, one command, many tools and apps to test.

java -jar compendium-of-test-apps-1-2-0.jar and the application should start on localhost:4567 for you to start testing.

If you just want parts of the app to help you focus, then:

  • seleniumtestpages-1-3-0.jar has the Selenium Test Pages for Automated Web GUI Execution practice
  • compendiumdevapps-1-1-0.jar has the JavaScript apps for Web Technical Exploratory Testing
  • thepulper-1-1-0.jar has The Pulper Pulp Book database GUI app for automating or web testing
  • rest-list-system-1-2-0.jar has an API for experimenting
If you don't want the applications starting on port 4567 then start the apps with the command line argument -port=4568 or whatever other port you want to run it on, e.g.
Compendium of Practice Testing Apps version 1.2

java -jar thepulper-1-1-0.jar -port=4568

Other Apps

I also have other apps suitable for practicing testing. Watch in in action in this video:

This article was syndicated from blog.eviltester.com. Author Alan Richardson is an Agile Software Development and Testing Consultant he has written 4+ books including Dear Evil Tester, Automating and Testing a REST API, Java For Testers. He has created 6+ online training courses covering Technical Web Testing, Selenium WebDriver and other topics. He is a prolific content creator on his blog, Youtube and Patreon.

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