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Compiling SWFs For iOS

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Compiling SWFs For iOS

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Fellow Adobe evangelist Tom Krcha has been working with partners to port some very big Flash projects to iOS. And based on these experiences, he has posted a tip on how to compile big projects with lots of SWFs while not running afoul of iOS license restrictions.

When you are building a game for Android or Blackberry Tablet OS in Adobe AIR, you are allowed to load the SWF files on the fly – that’s because the code is interpreted from ActionScript bytecode. With AIR for iOS, there is no such option, all code must compiled into single IPA file (from ActionScript bytecode to native bytecode), which you can make out of one SWF only.

Now – what if I have a project with 30 or 40 levels, where every single level is a single SWF? How do I compile this to iOS?


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