Complex Refactoring in Simple Steps: Part I

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Complex Refactoring in Simple Steps: Part I

In this series we examine how to refactor complex code. In this installment, we take a look a method that exhibits the Long Parameter List and Data Clump smells. What can be done?

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Matthew Butt demonstrates how to compose simple automated refactoring steps in ReSharper to refactor code to better designs.

In this episode, we look at a method that exhibits the  Long Parameter List and  Data Clump smells. We  Extract Class from Parameters to create a parameter object, and then, spotting  Feature Envy, use  Move Instance Method to shift the behavior to the new class. We finish by tidying up the method object to remove generated code that might tempt us to break encapsulation.

The code used in this video can be found on GitHub.

This article was first published on the Codurance blog.

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