Complexion Reduction: A New Trend in Mobile Design

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Complexion Reduction: A New Trend in Mobile Design

Complexion Reduction goes beyond flat design to become the next big step in minimalist app design. Get a few pointers on how to use it.

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Complexion Reduction is an innovation in the field of design. It is not similar to flat design; it is beyond it. It is called the next step of minimal design, which has been implemented for mobile applications. The new design trend of Complexion Reduction has drastically changed design patterns and made applications look even more attractive.

Some of the characteristics of Complexion Reduction are as follows:

  • Color extraction
  • Bigger and bolder headlines
  • Simplicity in icons

Considering the above characteristics, there have been certain changes in the User Interface of the apps, making some apps look quite similar to each other. Similarity in apps depicts that the apps belong to the same brand. For more clarity on the above argument, below is an example.

Complexion reduction was tested and tried with Instagram by bringing certain changes in its user interface. The changes adopted by Instagram were making the base plain by eliminating more of the blue and grey zone and keeping the base white and sober. The bottom navigation icons previously did not complement the app much, and considering this, simplification was made in the bottom navigation icons.

Even the headlines turned out darker and bolder. The functioning of the app got smoother and content displayed became much clearer and more visible. The newly designed interface functioned with ease, making it even more attractive.

These modifications in apps are now making a majority of apps look quite similar to each other. However, the changes in the UI have proven to be positive. Aside from the presentation or the look of the applications, the functionality of apps has now improved a lot. What matters at the end is the functionality and not the look of the applications.

The responsibilities of the UX and UI designers have now been reduced and they do not have so much pressure on them. Their major objecting while designing the app is focusing majorly on the creation and delivery of the best product for the user to use and they now avoid wasting their time much on adding, removing, changing color.

To ensure an attractive app, follow the below points:

  • Keep it as sober as possible. Keep the base plain with only one color. Adding too many colors will not bring an attractive output. You can add colors in the content, which will make it look more readable and appealing on the plain base.

  • Work on the icons. Ensure that you keep your icons universal and do not make it colorful at all. Keep it basic. The icons should be simple, easily recognizable, and thin, occupying less space. The icons should be arranged from left to right as per their priorities.

  • Increase the brightness of your app icon. The icon of the app should come out to be bright and filled in with colors. This will give your brand more visibility and is sure to make you the center of attention.

  • Improvisation in the headlines. The headlines should be comparatively bigger, bolder, and blacker. This will give visibility to your content.

  • Increase the white spaces. Increase the amount of white space in your application. This will maintain the look of the app, keeping it attractive to users' eyes.

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