Comprehensive Data Platform Accelerates App Development and Deployment

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Comprehensive Data Platform Accelerates App Development and Deployment

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform® is designed for data-rich, mission-critical solutions at any scale.

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Thanks to Paul Grabscheid, V.P. of Strategic Planning at InterSystems for speaking with me about the new InterSystems IRIS Data Platform®, which is designed to help developers build the solution to do more with analytics more quickly and easily.

InterSystems IRIS is the first data platform to provide all of the critical capabilities for rapidly developing data-intensive and mission-critical applications, including advanced data management, interoperability, transaction processing, and analytics.

The platform includes:

  • An advanced multi-model, multi-workload data management engine

  • Native interoperability

  • An open analytics platform

  • Easy deployment in cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments

  • A unique combination of horizontal and vertical scalability, enabling systems to scale up and down to accommodate rapidly changing workloads and data volumes

  • 24/7 customer support worldwide

The development and naming of the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform are based on the company’s foundational design principles. IRIS stands for interoperable, reliable, intuitive and scalable — four attributes necessary to capitalize on the growing volumes of data entering organizations every day.

According to a recent IDC InfoBrief entitled “Choosing a DBMS to Address the Challenges of the Third Platform,” 47% of organizations report that untimely data has negatively impacted their business. One of the biggest drivers of untimely data is the reliance on extract, transform, and load (ETL) infrastructures to move data between applications and platforms. By simultaneously performing transactions and analytics in one unified platform, InterSystems IRIS eliminates the need for ETL and provides immediate insights and actions based on the most current data. With native interoperability, the platform integrates seamlessly with existing architectures, systems, and devices accelerating the development and delivery of data-driven applications.

“We created InterSystems IRIS Data Platform with solution creators in mind with all of the critical capabilities for building applications that face the future,” says Paul Grabscheid. “The introduction of the IRIS Data Platform represents a significant step forward in the database industry and builds on InterSystems’ rich history of technical innovations focused on solving real business problems.”

IRIS is the newest member of the InterSystems data platform product family, which also includes the Caché high-performance multi-model database and Ensemble application integration engine. Most customers will be able to upgrade to IRIS Data Platform easily — and for free.

“Increasingly, enterprises want to be able to perform analytics and transactions on a coherent set of current data, rather than having a specialized, separate database for each operational and analytical workload,” says Carl Olofson, research vice president of Data Management Software at IDC. “InterSystems is leveraging its open architecture to deliver the IRIS Data Platform, which is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructures and apply best-of-breed technologies to support the widest range of customer environments and application requirements.”

The InterSystems IRIS Data Platform will be available worldwide in January 2018.

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