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A Comprehensive Presentation of RavenDB (Part 1)

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A Comprehensive Presentation of RavenDB (Part 1)

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Learn how to create flexible schemas in a relational database using SQL for JSON.

This is the first of a two-part presentation on RavenDB, a NoSQL solution for .NET developers. The presentation covers a lot of ground - here are some of its features.

"Safe by Default"
Scalable (Built-in Sharing & Replication, use Sharing and Replication together)
Up & Running in 5 Minutes!!!
"It Just Works"
Queries "the speed of light" via background indexing
Best Practices Built In (Unit of Work, Domain Driven Design, In-memory DB for testing, Automatic Batching for self-optimization)
High Performance (Fast persistence layer for every type of data model, no need for mapping or multi-level DALs)
Built-in Caching

VNext_OC 3/12/2013 - RavenDB for .NET Developers: Open Source 2nd Gen Document Database (Part 1) from Kim Schmidt on Vimeo.

Create flexible schemas using dynamic columns for semi-structured data. Learn how.


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