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Computer heal thyself

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Computer heal thyself

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SourceLabs is now selling a "Self-Support Suite" that identifies problems for Hibernate, Spring, Struts, Tomcat, Linux applications (gcc, mysql, kernel, etc.), and more.

The "Self-Support Suite" collects monitoring data and log files. It then compares the stack traces, core dumps, and more to a knowledge-base. Users subscribe to an RSS feed or use an internal Java based webapp (Lucene and Jetty based) that explains the issues and possible solution. There are plans to create a community site around the issues and solutions so developers can help other developers with issues and help grow the knowledge-base.

Bryon Sebastian, CEO of SourceLabs stated "(Self-Support Suite) enables open source professionals to quickly access better information... at their fingertips".

To read more about this, read this article on LinuxWatch

This sounds like an interesting product for Java developers.

Okay so the computer does not heal itself, but "Self-Support Suite" seems like it would help you stay on track. (We use Linux, MySQL, Spring, Tomcat and Hibernate for production so we are the target market so to speak.)

Has anyone used this product?

If so, what do you think of it?


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