Concerns About Game Development

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Concerns About Game Development

A couple of concerns with the state of game development today is the smaller guys getting pushed out and the ethical choice of “slot machine” economics.

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To gather insights on the current and future state of Game Development, we talked to eight executives involved in game development in some form or another. Here’s who we spoke to:

Here's what they told us when we asked, "What are your biggest concerns about game development today?":

Big Guys

  • My concern for game DEVELOPERS, not development, is the same as it was when I started. The smaller guys get pushed out, not because their game isn't good, but because their game isn't seen. We've basically come full circle from where I started in 2003 (when indie games were still sometimes called Shareware). For all developers, it is vital to keep in mind that promoting your game and creating it are a joint process that should be ongoing from the very start.


  • Business model options need to be decided up front. PC gaming is free to play if you watch the ads. Mobile is freemium versus premium model. AAA console has microtransactions or pay more/get more. The economics of gaming can be a topic unto itself. The business model you choose affects the design progression.
  • It’s a very immature industry. A lot of churn with constant come and go and acquisitions. How to monetize? Get more paying users for non-ad supported experiences.
  • We don’t want gamers being too idle sitting on their butts. Reintroduce active physical play with modern digital game progression. Our mission is to keep gamers moving. We’re concerned for the health and well-being of players. Then there's the ethical choice with “slot machine” economics.


  • No, we’re headed in the right direction. Players have the ability to talk to fellow gamers rather than being behind a keyboard.
  • No, fresh titles coming out of a lot of Indy game providers. Same in simulations there’s a need for training but you need to compress the time.


  • First, speed. Moving at a fast-enough pace to meet the demands of our users, keeping them engaged with new content while bringing in new consumers, is always a challenge. Game development, no matter how big the update, takes time, resources, and testing. When it comes to the general gaming community, consumers are constantly looking for the next best thing. While being able to provide content in a timely manner is important, it is also critical to create cutting-edge features for the game. We need to be able to produce what is currently wanted and growing in the consumer marketplace. And even more so, creating new and exciting features that might not have been done yet.
  • The challenges like production and more polished skins.
  • Up until now, the death of Flash had been a very big concern for us, requiring us to focus on revamping our entire tech stack and completely rewrite of the front-end of our games to avoid a sticky end. This has taken the focus of the company away from just building new content and products. Outside of that, staying up with the changing ways to acquire players is an ongoing challenge. It’s something most game developers don’t think about as much as they could or should, but it’s really important to think about where you’re going to get players for your game. It’s not enough to just build a great game, you need to think about what audience you want to reach and how would you reach them. This ecosystem keeps changing, the way people find and receive content keeps changing, so you need to keep changing how you build and market your games.
  • My number one concern is the lack of diversity in the industry. We are a very white male-dominated industry. We need to grow our developer base so we can continue to grow the industry. It goes back to the unique voices and stories, if we don’t get more diversity in the industry we will start to become stagnant.

Do you have any concerns about the state of game development today?

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