Concerns Regarding Cloud-Based Apps

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Concerns Regarding Cloud-Based Apps

Security, the speed with which new technology is emerging and change is taking place, and the inability to just move legacy apps to the cloud.

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To gather insights for DZone's Cloud Research Guide, scheduled for release in April, 2016, we spoke to 28 executives, from 23 companies, who develop and deploy application in the cloud for their own company or for their clients.

Here's who we talked to:

Neeraj Gupta, S.V.P. Product & Engineering, Apcera | Jad Naous, Product Lead, AppDynamics |  Ez Natarajan, V.P. Head Cloud Services Business Unit, Beyondsoft | Alon Girmonsky, CEO and Founder, BlazeMeter | Kunal Bharati, Cloud Architect and Nishant Patel, CTO, Built.io | Sacha Labourey, CEO, Cloudbees | Deirdre Mahon, CMO and Fraser McKay, V.P. of Products, Cloud Cruiser | Flint Brenton, CEO, CollabNet | Ali Din, Senior V.P. and CMO and Walid Elemary, V.P. Product Development, dinCloud | Mike Masterson, Director of Strategic Business Development, Dynatrace  | Gabe Monroy, CTO and Jasen Hansen, Chief Architect, Engine Yard |  Fred Simon, Co-Founder and Chief Architect, JFrog | Jim Frey, V.P. of Products and Ian Pye, Co-Founder and Principal Engineer, Kentik | Johan den Haan, CTO, Mendix | Mounil Patel, V.P. Strategic Field Engagement, Mimecast | Faisal Memon, Product Manager, NGINX | Arvind Mehrotra, President and Global Business Head – Infrastructure Management Services, NIIT Technologies | Jens Eckels, Director, PaaS Business Group, Oracle | Pat Harper, SVP Operations, PGi | Joan Wrabetz, CTO, Quali | Partha Seetala, CTO, Robin Systems | Nick Kephart, Senior Director Product Marketing, ThousandEyes | Kiran Bondalapati, CTO and Co-Founder, ZeroStack.

When we asked these executives "What are your biggest concerns regarding the development or deployment of applications in the cloud?" here's what they told us: 

  • We addresses a small portion of the issues. Companies like Amazon and Azure are rebuilding IT and new technology is emerging very quickly, allowing companies to adopt quickly, and enabling the customer to enjoy quickly. Engineers need to understand the different architectures, building for scale, and the virtual environment. Companies can provide visibility and information into what is missing (i.e. New Relic and BlazeMeter).
  • Open stack has so many flavors but no standards with regards to orchestration and security.
  • There’s still an issue with enterprise security. Security on the cloud is superior to security at the enterprise level. Some enterprises have regulatory issues that require them to keep data and applications on premise. We’re moving quickly working on tooling and the right way for micro services to be deployed. In two years, we’ll end up with a clear winner to manage containers and deployments. It’s a little risky to decide on a framework today. You can’t go wrong using lightweight containers and Kubernetes, which Google built and works with Docker.
  • Security is one of the biggest concerns of the customer. On premises data and running on the cloud with AWS and Azure becomes a challenge. How to manage data connectivity, not just encrypted, it’s securing every port tune on the database. Multiple databases add more complexity.
  • The speed at which companies are not moving from application as a service to platform as a service is a major concern.
  • Legacy apps trying to move to the cloud are not always the best fit, especially for a greenfield application developer. Prices for AWS are coming down as they get more competition from Google and Microsoft.
  • You must have a culture of continuous improvement. It’s very competitive. You must be able to keep up with the changes. Get innovative–grow and innovate fast.
  • The need to review old systems. Architects based on old knowledge need to change to cloud-based architecture and deployment. Technically, componentization of the application started in 2005 using a soft logic library with large app at the end. Development and deployment provide a feedback loop. You need different architectural thinking to avoid a bottleneck at deployment.
  • Technology is well understood from development and presentation but difficult to test a multi-tenant platform in the lab. You can only learn from experience, taking the time to get better. We learned a lot in the first four years. You learn as you grow.

What concerns do you have regarding the development or deployment of cloud-based apps?

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