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Concurrency on iOS Made Simple: Sync-Async Pair Pattern

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So no doubt you implement some kind of asynchronous operation pretty often in your code, and chances are like us you do it fairly haphazardly. Here’s a post about adding a little formality to that design:


Sync-Async Pair Pattern – Easy concurrency on iOS

Apple provides many tools for implementing concurrency in your application. NSOperationQueue, GCD, or simply using performSelectorInBackground:withObject: that is available on each and every object, are just some examples. The tools are there, yet implementing good concurrency is hard.

The solution I have found is not yet another tool, or framework, but a simple pattern. I have not found an existing name for the pattern so I call it Sync-Async Pair. The idea is to hide the complexity of asynchronous calls and call-back behind a facade, and have a straightforward synchronous implementation. An implementation that is easy to write, test and extend…

Definitely worth a read!


Published at DZone with permission of Alex Curylo, DZone MVB. See the original article here.

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