Configuring Chrome for Privacy and Convenience

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Configuring Chrome for Privacy and Convenience

Privacy and convenience often seem like competing goals, but they don't have to be. Let's take a look at how to configure Chrome to make the best of both.

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I've recently set up a new MacBook, which helped remind me of some of the settings I've configured in the Google Chrome browser, to keep it from accumulating lots of "stuff" over time: history, cookies, and so forth. The accumulation of this stuff eventually represents a loss of privacy and control that I dislike. On the other hand, browser features such as history are convenient, and I don't want to disable them entirely. I just don't want too much of them. This blog post is about how I've found a balance that I like.

Here's a quick list of what I've done and why:

  • Google wants me to sign in to a Google account within the browser itself. That sends my browsing history and activity to Google, which I don't want. So I don't sign in.
  • I turn off search engine prediction services and enable the "do not track" setting.
  • I visit DuckDuckGo, then open the search engine preferences and set it as my default. DuckDuckGo doesn't track you when you do searches and is a very good search engine in my opinion.
  • I disable automatically adding search engines as a side effect of visiting websites. I find it disturbing that this feature exists and isn't possible to disable from within Chrome because it's a form of history in a way. This requires a bit of fiddling with internals via SQLite but isn't otherwise hard to do. The solution is described at https://superuser.com/a/688270
  • Under content settings and cookies, I configure Chrome to keep local data until I quit the browser, and block third-party cookies. This cuts down on most cookies, and a quick restart of the browser deletes the ones that do accumulate. There's a short list of sites that I want to allow cookies from; I add these under the settings to allow specific sites to set cookies that won't get cleared when I restart the browser.
  • I disable all the features related to filling forms and saving passwords. I use 1Password for that and I trust it a lot more than a browser from Google.

I don't install a lot of extensions. The ones that I keep active are:

  • uBlock Origin, an ad blocker.
  • Mercury Reader, which mimics Safari's reader view.
  • 1Password
  • Feedly Subscribe Button
  • History AutoDelete, which I set to clear history after 5 days.

There are a few others that I install but don't activate unless I need them:

  • Awesome Screenshot, although I like Firefox's screenshot features enough that I often use it instead of Chrome when I want to take a screenshot of a very tall page.
  • Evernote Web Clipper; it works okay but I rarely use it, preferring to save articles through Feedly, which does a better job.
  • Buffer, which is fine but I rarely use via extension, since I usually compose an email to my "email to buffer" address instead.
  • Super Auto Refresh, which I use rarely.

With those settings and extensions installed, I find that my history, cookies, and similar don't accumulate over time. Restarting my browser a few times a week is enough to delete the relatively small amount of tracking content that gets past uBlock Origin.

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