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Congrats to the Open-Source Showdown Contest Winners

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Congrats to the Open-Source Showdown Contest Winners

32 articles and five rounds later, the dust has settled and the Grand Champion of the Open-Source Showdown Contest has been named. Find out who took home the big prize.

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32 articles and five rounds later, the dust has settled and the Grand Champion of the Open-Source Showdown Contest has been named. Our readers' votes determined the winners of each round, and all participants will receive a prize for sharing their content. Read our recap and see all of the winners below. 

The Championship Match 

Drumroll, please...

Congratulations to Jeff Luszcz, the Grand Champion of the Open-Source Showdown Contest! His article, "Think Open Source Software is Free? Think Again..." took nearly 65% of the vote in the final round. 

Jeff will receive a 1-year membership to Audible and $100 toward GitHub membership. Well done, Jeff!

Our runner-up was Open Source Zone Leader Cynthia Rich; her post,"Tips for Launching Your First Open-Source Project," was featured in our first-ever Guide to Open Source. She'll receive a 1-year Audible membership and $50 toward GitHub membership as her reward.

Other Round Four Winners

Kent C. Dodds made it to the semi-finals of the Showdown with his article, "Write Your Own Code Transform for Fun and Profit," as did Liubomyr (El.) Kachur with his post, "5 Reasons Why Devs Love GitHub (And Microsoft Buys It)." For making it to Round Four, they'll both be rewarded with $100 toward Udemy course(s) of their choice. 

Round Three Recap

Those authors who made it to the third round of the Showdown but no further will each receive a 3-month membership to Audible. Those winners are:

Author Article
Stefan Thorpe A Brief History of Open Source
Larry Gordon DevOps Open Source Monitoring Tools Can Reduce Cost and Increase Uptime
Amir Rozenberg Making Application Accesible With Open Source Gauge and AXE
Daniel Berman 6 Open Source SIEM Tools

Round Two Recap

Those writers who made it to the second round of the Showdown but no further will each receive a 3-month membership to Spotify Premium. They are:

Author Article
Konstantin (Cos) Bou Addressing the Complexity of Big Data With Open Source
Daniel Stori Terminal Transparency [Comic]
Lisa Smith Community Standards in FOSS
Thomas Peham VisionX and The Trend of Open Source Low-Code Platform
Srini Bayireddy 5 Significant Open Source DevOps Tools for Automation
Alex McPeak Where Developers Stand on Microsoft Acquiring GitHub
Kristina Pomorisac Git Tags: Version Control Made Easy
Matt Lacey I Just Gave a Load of Code to Microsoft

Round One Recap  

Don't worry - even the authors whose articles fell out in the first round of the Showdown aren't going home empty-handed! The following 16 contributors will each receive a $20 Apple Music gift card as their reward for being selected for the contest:

Author Article
Mani Sarkar Building Wholly Graal With Truffle!
Serge Semenov D-ASYNC: Journey to Code-First Cloud Native Apps
Gelin Luo Five Facts Your Might Not Know About TechEmpower Framework Benchmark
Chris Ward What Can Software Foundations Bring to Your Project?
Chris Ward Is Quitting Bad Software as Hard as Becoming Vegan?
Serban Iordache How to Bootstrap Your Open-Source Projects
Andrea Del Bene Apache Wicket 8 is Out!
Kuldeep Singh Apache Spark on Windows
Gelin Luo OSGL (Part 6): Bean Copy Framework 
Onur Taner .NET Core Revolution: Advantages of Using Microsoft Supported Open Source Framework
Chris Ward FOSS Backstage - For Everyone in Open Source
Yariv Tabac DevOps and Version Control: Why Microsoft Had to Get GitHub
Luba Belokon and Dmitry Dorofeev Open Source ETL: Apache NiFi vs. Streamsets
Dries Buytaert My Thoughts on Apache Buying Magento for $1.68 Billion
Yaniv Yehuda Open-Source Software: Minimizing Disadvantages and Maximizing Advantages 

Thank you to all of the contributors who sent in their open-source content for consideration. Congrats to all of the selected participants, and especially to the winners! 

Also, we'd like to give a big thank-you to all of our community members who voted for their favorite articles; we appreciate your engagement and your feedback.

Stay tuned for the next contest! 

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