Congrats to the trAIn Your brAIn Contest Winners

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Congrats to the trAIn Your brAIn Contest Winners

The trAIn your brAIn contributor contest has ended. Thank you to everyone who took part. Now, let's meet the winners!

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On July 3rd, we launched the trAin your brAIn contributor contest. The focus of the contest was content written about Artificial Intelligence (AI), the topic of our newest Zone. In addition, we asked DZone's awesome contributors to submit posts on AI-related topics, namely Security, IoT, and Big Data.

Posts published to the AI Zone counted for quadruple pageviews, while posts to the Big Data, IoT, and Security Zones counted for double pageviews. Those ten contributors with the most cumulative pageviews by the end of the contest would win prizes, as would the contributor who published the most posts to the AI Zone. 

Now, let's announce the winners. 

The Winners 

And the ten winners with the most pageviews are...

Rank Prize Username Real Name Total Pageviews
1st $500 + mini-drone grzegorztj Grzegorz Ziemonski (ZL) 62,082
2nd $200 + mini-drone catelawrence Cate Lawrence (ZL) 41,458
3rd $100 + DZone prize pack           GowthamGirithar         Gowtham Girithar Srirangasamy           34,381
4th $100 + DZone prize pack albanoj2 Justin Albano 22,463
5th $100 + DZone prize pack dkolarova Daniela Kolarova 19,688
6th $100 + DZone prize pack johnjvester John Vester (ZL) 18,399
7th $100 + DZone prize pack bipin.patwardhan    Bipin Patwardhan 17,088
8th $100 + DZone prize pack harinathk7 Harinath Kuntamukkala 15,812
9th $100 + DZone prize pack ChrisChinchilla Chris Ward (ZL) 15,264
10th $100 + DZone prize pack arunpandeycdac Arun Pandey (MVB) 13,557

And the winner for the most AI posts is...

A tie! Congratulations to Bipin Patwardhan and Daniela Kolarova, who each had three articles published to the AI Zone

We were glad to see four Zone Leaders and a few long-time DZone contributors on the winners' list. Also, we were pleased to see some brand-new contributors taking part in the trAIn your brAIn contest. Welcome to the DZone community! 

Contest Overview

Congratulations to our ten winners, and thanks to everyone who took part in the contest. All in all, more than 100 contributors submitted their content for consideration by our editorial team, and over 130 articles were published to DZone. All contest articles were DZone originals, meaning you can't read them anywhere else. In total, content published through the trAIn your brAIn contest received nearly 723K pageviews! 

The next contributor contest is scheduled for early September. Stay tuned to the Writers' Zone for the official announcement.

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