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Connecting your WinPhone 7 app to an ASP.NET Razor page with a little REST and JSON

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"In this tutorial you will learn how ASP.NET Web Pages with Razor syntax can be used to build a RESTful web service that is capable of delivering weather forecast data to a Windows Phone 7 application. We will be using WebMatrix, a lightweight tool for web development to write code and manage the website throughout this tutorial." --Microsoft/web

  • Getting Started
  • The Current Weather Site
  • What You’ll Need
  • A RESTful Service
  • What is REST
  • Using Razor to Deliver RESTful Content
  • A Quick Test
  • The Windows Phone Client
  • Communicating with the REST Service
  • Decoding JSON on Windows Phone 7
  • Updating the User Interface
  • Summary


    I'm not sure how old this content is, but I really like how it uses Razor, REST, JSON all at the same time in an easy to consume and understand manor...


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