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Considerations When Recording Test Results

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Considerations When Recording Test Results

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Whether you are using automated test equipment or doing manual tests, you need to record the results accurately and you need to make sure that they are all in place for later study and consultation. This is true when you are testing out new products, new software programs or anything else that you plan to use or sell to the general public. If you have run tests before and then found complications with the way that everything was recorded, complications that could make the results all but useless to you, consider the various things listed below so that you can avoid this in the future.

1. Make backup copies of all of your results.
Can you imagine spending a week running test results and charting information, only to lose all of that because a file is corrupted on your computer or because one of your employees misplaces the flash drive and you cannot locate it? Does anything sound more frustrating than that? You would have to start the tests all over again, and who knows if you would get the same results? Having just one copy is hugely dangerous. You always need to make backups so that your files are not lost for good because of one simple mistake or an unexpected error.


2. Store your test results on the cloud. 
Another option is to simply store all of the results on a cloud server. This is like making tons of backups all at once because you can access that server from any computer, as long as you have the right username and password. You can download copies of the files and put them on more flash drives or just store them on hard drives. This is also convenient if you need to share the results with other divisions of your company because you can just give them the login information for the server.

3. Make sure that you put dates and times on all copies.
No matter how you decide to store your results, it is important to put the dates and times on the copies so that you can accurately track what you have done and when it was done. This way, if you run more tests in the future, it is far easier to compare the two. As you do the tests, it will seem easy to just remember all of this information, but recording it is a must because remembering it months down the road is difficult.


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