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Construct a Sorted PHP Linked List

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This is really a draft, but I somehow decided to post it. Here’s a simple linked list in PHP, where only the add() method is slightly different. When you have an item to add it’s placed on the “right” place – the result is a sorted list.

Few notes before the code! This list is designed for integers, but I plan to “extend” it somehow and it can be improved a lot. In my future posts I’ll post something more about the complexity of the algorithm and an analysis of it.

class Node
    public $data;
    public $next;
    public $prev;
    public function __construct($data, $prev, $next)
        $this->data = $data;
        $this->prev = $prev;
        $this->next = $next;
class LinkedList
    protected $front = null;
    public function add($data)
        if (!$this->front) {
            $node = new Node($data, null, null);
            $this->front = &$node;
        } else {
            if ($data < $this->front->data) {
                $node = new Node($data, null, $this->front);
                $this->front = $node;
            $current = $this->front;
            while ($current) {
                if ($current->data < $data && isset($current->next) && $current->next->data > $data) {
                    $node = new Node($data, $current, $current->next);
                    $current->next = $node;
                if ($current->data < $data && !isset($current->next)) {
                    $node = new Node($data, $current, $current->next);
                    $current->next = $node;
                $current = $current->next;
    public function printl()
        $current = &$this->front;
        while($current) {
            echo $current->data, '<br />';
            $current = $current->next;
$list = new LinkedList();


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