Containerize Your Enthusiasm [Podcast]

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Containerize Your Enthusiasm [Podcast]

This 30-minute interview considers container adoption and how containerization is improving scalability for Agile and DevOps environments.

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At the recent Agile 2017 conference in Florida, I gave a talk with my colleague Avan Mathur titled Containerize your Enthusiasm: Docker & Containers as a path to Scaling Agile and DevOps.

During the conference, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Shane Hastie from InfoQ to talk about the adoption of DevOps, containers and microservices and the dangers of vanity metrics.

Listen to the short podcast interview below to learn about the implications containers have on your DevOps processes and agile implementation, key use cases for container adoption, special considerations for container-based application pipelines, DevOps Metrics, Architecture, and more.

We discuss:

  • How adoption of containers is increasing – one survey indicated 42% of organizations surveyed are using them for something
  • Container orchestration platforms are good at managing the challenges around scaling and resilience
  • Architecture is a significant challenge for agility and DevOps – the need to move away from monoliths towards microservices requires a fundamental rethink of our products
  • Software organisations who are still building monolithic applications do so at their own peril
  • These ideas are not new, and we have known about them for decades – it’s not the quality of the daily work that matters, it’s the improvement in the quality of the daily work
  • Focus on actionable metrics – don’t show me a metric unless there is something I can do about it or it is something I should take action about

You can also see InfoQ’s show notes here.

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