Containers, Red Hat & AWS – Bringing Security and Agility

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Containers, Red Hat & AWS – Bringing Security and Agility

Learn how Red Hat and AWS helped Duke University gain extreme IT agility and combat network exploits.

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Not only did Duke University build a fast software delivery pipeline with RHEL and AWS, they also used technologies from those two sources to combat a DoS attack. Here's their re:Invent 2015 presentation.

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"Red Hat is helping organizations like Duke University become more efficient by delivering environmental parity for container-based applications across physical, virtual, private cloud, and public cloud environments. Red Hat delivers a comprehensive, integrated, and modular platform for containerized application delivery across the open hybrid cloud - from the OS platform, to software-defined storage, to development and deployment, and management. Through its work with Certified Cloud Service Providers like AWS, Red Hat ensures that application containers built for Red Hat Enterprise Linux can seamlessly move across public clouds. In this session, you will learn how Duke University used containers on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and AWS to combat a denial-of-service attack; how companies are using containers to increase the quality and speed of software delivery; key considerations for implementing container-based applications that can be moved across public clouds; and challenges organizations experience when using containers and how to address them. This session is sponsored by Red Hat."

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