CodeTalk 2.0: Containers, the Java EE Way [Podcast]

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CodeTalk 2.0: Containers, the Java EE Way [Podcast]

Welcome to the first episode in DZone's relaunch of our official CodeTalk podcast! This week Sebastian Daschner joins CodeTalk to preview a talk he’ll be giving at the Index Developer Conference called ''Containers and Container Orchestration --- The Java EE Way.''

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Intro by DZone Content and Community Manager, Michael Tharrington

Welcome to the first episode in DZone's relaunch of our official CodeTalk podcast!

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Picking up the podcast where our previous host, John Esposito, left off, our new joint hosts, Travis Van and Travis Carlson, are adapting the show slightly to fit the theme of early conversations with the creators of new developer technologies.

While I'm sure you'll get to know them better through the show, I'd like to take a brief moment to introduce our hosts before we dive into the first episode.

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Travis Van comes from a decade-long background in tech PR and marketing, having worked at a variety of places including MuleSoft where he was "Employee #3 (first marketing hire)." In 2007, underwhelmed by the range of PR and marketing research tools available to tech companies, Travis decided to build something better and thus founded TechNews.io, a platform for promoting tech companies.

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Travis Carlson is a veteran software dev focused on back-end enterprise systems. He's been working with the JVM since Java 1.2 and distributed systems since the advent of the Internet. As a systems architect, he has managed the entire stack—from DevOps in AWS all the way to front-end development with AngularJS. His passion is creating systems which are agile, maintainable, scalable, and robust.

So, now that you know a little bit about our hosts, let's get to the meat—our first new episode in the CodeTalk relaunch. Take it away Travis and Travis!

CodeTalk: Containers, the Java EE Way

Sebastian Daschner joins CodeTalk this week to preview a talk he’ll be giving at the Index Developer Conference organized by IBM (Feb. 20-22 in San Francisco): "Containers and Container Orchestration --- The Java EE Way."

DZone readers who have been following containers may have noticed how conspicuously absent the Java stack is from the whole Docker/Kubernetes/Container discussion. We were really interested to jump in and understand how Java EE fits the world of Docker.

If you’re at an enterprise Java shop, you’re going to find Daschner’s talk an interesting reference point in understanding:

  • When it makes sense to containerize Java applications
  • How Kubernetes and Istio make it possible to orchestrate Java EE microservices in a modern enterprise system
  • How this convergence fits into the overall Java developer priority to build and scale faster

Want More CodeTalk?

We're still in the early stages here with the relaunch. But soon we hope to give our CodeTalk landing page a face lift and are going to house all future and past episodes in this one place. 

For now, stay tuned to DZone for weekly episodes released each Friday. And, if you'd like to contact the showrunners to get involved as an interviewee or just simply share your feedback, feel free to message Travis and Travis here: codetalkpodcast@gmail.com.

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