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Content Management Software Blunder

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Content Management Software Blunder

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I read a short "Tech Buzz" story in the 5/18/2008 issue of InformationWeekly. The short story centered around a Content Management Software development company (the name was not revealed). The story stated that the un-named software company was on it's way out of business due to 5 strong (yet correctable) blunders.

  1.  New software versions not thoroughly tested before releasing to customers. When bugs were reported on the company's tech blog, the entries were erased.
  2. Very little interaction between customer tech support and the engineering team.
  3. Documentation obviously out of date.
  4. Software upgrades causes major issues, including corrupting the intalled software.
  5. Turning off non-required software modules caused software to act unstable.

Based upon my knowledge of IT and software, I have seen and been a part of this type of customer abuse. I feel blessed to make a nice living from what is really my hobby. The main causes of the stated issues that I first think of are:

  • Non-flexible release date.
  • QA time partially eaten by overruns by the development team.
  • Too many managers resulting in poor communication.
  • The QA team is in India and the development team is in the USA - the teams are not on the same clock schedule.

I am interested to hear what others have experienced as causes to the major 5 issues mentioned.

(InformationWeek story written by George Dearing)


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