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Content Marketing: Using SEO Effectively

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Content Marketing: Using SEO Effectively

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Despite the latest rumblings about Google Local, SEO can be very effective, if  you understand your target market very clearly.  But before you spend loads of money with a marketing firm to  improve your Search Engine Ranking, take time to reflect on your target market and  just follow these easy steps.

What’s in a Title?

The title has to be  totally related to your content, consisting of the same words that your target customers will  type in the search engines. Make sure you use only the most unique and relevant title and meta description on each page. The title page is the most vital on-page SEO factor. You cannot expect to rank high for a primary term of 2 to 3 words without the words becoming part of the title page.

The meta description tag does not help you rank very high, but it is usually used as a text snippet below the listing.  It should also include the useful keywords and phrases that will appeal to your customers.  You can almost ignore the meta keywords, or just use that space to place misspellings and synonyms of keywords that are not included in your webpage.

Write For Your Readers, Not The Search Engines. 

Always write for your visitors.  Remember, the bots and spiders do not buy anything on the internet, chat with you on Facebook or sign up and read your newsletter! Make sure that your content and pages are in plain language and captivate the interest of your customers. You will need keywords in text, but do not stuff every page.

The content should be unique and relevant to the particular product or service that you are offering.  You may face the challenge of selling products that are available all over the web. You can boost your reputation and credibility and establish trust in your brand by keeping things relevant.  Do your research of the  keywords by using different special programs like wordtracker. You can also hire professional ghost writers to make the most useful articles possible.

Add More Visibility

You can use your keywords as anchor text when trying to link internally. The anchor indicates to the bots and  spiders what the linked-to page is about. Links that indicate “click here” do not function at all for the search engine visibility. You can build links intelligently as well. Submit your web site to different reliable directories. Look for links from authority sites in the industry. If local search is important for you, you can look for links from reliable sites within your area. Analyse the links coming in to other sites to search for links that you can also get.

Get More Attention

Write your  blog and join other related blogs as well. A number of big search engines like blogs for their fresh and unique data and content. You can also join the conversations and learn more about the industry you are entering. Joining blog sites can boost your exposure so you get new links every time.  If you want to learn how to do all of these things, why not consider coming on our Website Courses and learn in a small group.

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