Continuous Delivery and Jenkins in the Enterprise with Tiger

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Continuous Delivery and Jenkins in the Enterprise with Tiger

Introducing Tiger, a new way to bring Jenkins and continuous delivery to the enterprise from CloudBees.

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I just got back from Jenkins User Conference West in Santa Clara, and you can expect to see some more coverage of the event after the Labor Day holiday. Obviously, Jenkins and continuous delivery were the big focuses at most of the sessions, followed by tools like Docker and Kubernetes. However, CloudBees is about to release the alpha version of a new tool designed to implement continuous delivery in large enterprises, called Tiger, which is intended to act as "Jenkins-as-a-Service."

The CloudBees blog summarized a common Tiger use case demonstrated by Kohsuke Kawaguchi:

"From CloudBees Jenkins Operation Center web UI he provisioned a fresh new client master. Tiger is managing the underlying infrastructure - based on Mesos and Docker containers - to find adequate "box" to host this new instance and storage bucket, and is sharing build resources the same way. Within the minute you get a fresh new jenkins master setup, ready to host team jobs and builds. Tiger is moving jenkins to the Cloud-scale with such a multi-tenant distributed solution."

There's no official site for the tool yet, but you can watch a video of Kohsuke Kawaguchi and Harpreet Singh (VP of Products for CloudBees) previewing the product at JUC East below:

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