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Security and Compliance In Your DevOps Processes [Podcast]

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Security and Compliance In Your DevOps Processes [Podcast]

The #c9d9 podcast interviews James DeLuccia and Jonathan McAllister on how to integrate security into DevOps pipelines.

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securing-the-codeRecently on #c9d9 we spoke with two industry veterans and published authors — James DeLuccia and Jonathan McAllister — on how to bake-in security and compliance into your DevOps processes, and how DevOps and automation can essentially help you pass your next audit.

Our panelists addresses 4 key topics:

  1. Dev-QA-Sec-Ops: Are we all BFF’s now? (or on our way to becoming BFF’s?), what does it take to get everyone on board the DevOps train?
  2. Some concrete examples for how Automation==Auditing, discussing some industry-specific regulations and compliance requirements
  3. How do you enforce security for both the code,
  4. and for your environments and configuration

Watch the Replay of This episode:

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