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Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Podcast: Episode 40 – CD for Legacy Applications

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Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Podcast: Episode 40 – CD for Legacy Applications

Introducing CD to legacy apps can't be that hard... right?

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This morning on #c9d9 we discussed Continuous Delivery for legacy applications.

Assuming your business did not start yesterday – you probably have some of those lying around: those applications that might be poorly understood, or poorly tested, that can be cumbersome or brittle, that may be difficult to update — but that somehow – still "just work".

This is the legacy code that keeps the lights on, but that you’re afraid to touch…

How do you deal with all your pre-DevOps applications?

Should you embark on a journey to ‘DevOps’ify your legacy applications? If so, how can you bring legacy code and technical debt into the fold – as part of your CD pipelines?

On the show, we discussed:

  • How do you define Legacy?
  • Should you poke that bear?
  • What are some of the challenges doing CI and CD for legacy apps?
  • What are some of the best practices to bring DevOps practices to legacy applications — where should you start, and how to go about it?

Watch the replay of the episode:

This episode features:

Deepak Karanth c9d9 devops podcastDeepak Karanth

Chief Architect and Consultant. Agile and DevOps Champion. Deepak also helps companies with technical strategy and process improvements.

@SoftwareYoga | softwareyoga.com

Jean D'Amore c9d9 DevOps PodcastJean D’Amore

Consultant at ThoughtWorks Australia and corsican polyglot programmer who likes to be underwater, cook, and keep his garden green.

@jeandamore | blog.corsamore.com

Manuel Paid c9d9 DevOps PodcastManuel Pais

Dev+Build+QA=#DevOps advocate. People-first technologist @ Skelton-Thatcher. Jack of all trades, master of continuous improvement.

@manupaisable | www.infoq.com/author/Manuel-Pais

Tarun Arora c9d9 devops podcastTarun Arora

Tarun is obsessed with high-quality working software, continuous delivery and Agile. He is a Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio Development Tools and the author of ‘DevOps & ALM with TFS 2015

@arora_tarun | www.visualstudiogeeks.com/

On the next episode of Continuous Discussions:

cd-autmationEpisode 41: Creating an Internal Dev/Test Cloud

Join us on May 17, to discuss tips and best practices for offering a shared, consolidated, self-serve build/test cloud infrastructure and tool chain in your organization. (yes, it’s a mouth full, but it’s really interesting ;)).

This episode will feature:

chris rileyChris Riley

Helping bringing #DevOps to the enterprise. Analyst @fixateio

@HoardingInfo | devops.com/author/chrisriley/

Himanshu ChhetriHimanshu Chhetri

CTO @ Addteq, specializing in DevOps & Atlassian Tools implementation.

@0xhimanshu | nebula.addteq.com/blog

Paul FarrallPaul Farrall

VP of Operations at Skytap.

@paulfarrall | www.skytap.com/blog/

Phil DoughertyPhil Dougherty

Phil has over 10 years of experience building the backbone of the internet – from multi-continent private cloud environments, to fully automated public cloud infrastructure powering mobile commerce APIs.

@phildougherty | blog.containership.io

Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) is a bi-weekly series. See all episodes here.

Get the fastest log management and analysis with Graylog open source or enterprise edition free up to 5GB per day

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