Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Podcast, Episode 78: Gene Kim and the DOES17 Speakers #1

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Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) Podcast, Episode 78: Gene Kim and the DOES17 Speakers #1

This deep dive into DevOps will help you learn about expanding your DevOps initiative and modernizing your architecture to support it.

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This morning, on our Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) podcast, we had our first in a series of special episodes, previewing the upcoming DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES17) in San Francisco, featuring Gene Kim and some of the speakers at the event. Watch the replay below to learn how large enterprises are taking a “deep dive into DevOps” and examining ways to expand the initiative across the organization. Learn patterns for getting business buy-in for DevOps initiatives, modernizing your architecture to ensure it supports DevOps at scale, what to look forward to at this year’s DOES, and more.

Our panelists were:

Gene Kim

DevOps enthusiast, The Phoenix Project, The DevOps Handbook and Visible Ops co-author, Tripwire founder, IT Ops/Security Researcher, Theory of Constraints Jonah, rabid UX fan.

@RealGeneKim events.itrevolution.com/us/

Erica Morrison

Director, Software Development and Operations, CSG International.


Ray Krueger

VP Engineering at Hyatt, and an old soldier.


Ross Clanton

Fellow, DevOps at Verizon.


Scott Prugh

Software Architect at CSG International, Lean Business Leader, Father, Life Long Learner.


Watch the replay here

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