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Controlling Games With Face Recognition in Java (OpenIMAJ)

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Controlling Games With Face Recognition in Java (OpenIMAJ)

This quick snippet and summary will start your journey to face recognition and motion controls in games and other solutions using OpenIMAJ.

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I had a free evening, so I decided to make something that I've always wanted to try: a game controlled by body movement. You know, like in the Kinect console.

I thought that it would be hard, but it turns that nowadays, it's in fact really simple.

I decided to use Java. I wanted to have a working environment as fast as possible and I wanted to achieve that with Maven. The language determines the libraries, and this time, I chose OpenIMAJ. This library is really cool because it allows you to start with just a few lines of codes. Moreover, it takes care the GUI (windows, frames, etc), video capturing, and picture processing. It is a really simple with that library.

For example, here is the code that allows you to detect faces and mark them with a red rectangle on screen:

//first initialize the screen if HD
VideoCapture vc = new VideoCapture( 1240,720 );

//initialization of face detector
FaceDetector fd = new HaarCascadeDetector(40);

//this creeates the window showing the captured webcam video
VideoDisplay vd = VideoDisplay.createVideoDisplay( vc ); vd.addVideoListener( new VideoDisplayListener() {
  //this is the listener fired on every frame
  public void beforeUpdate( MBFImage frame ) {
    //this does the face detection and display the frame around the face on screen
    List faces = fd.detectFaces( Transforms.calculateIntensity(frame));
    for( DetectedFace face : faces ) {
      frame.drawShape(face.getBounds(), RGBColour.RED);

As you can see, it's really simple. This application, from the snippet, handles not only face detection but shows the effect in a separate JFrame window.

So the rest was pretty easy. I wrote a simple Arkanoid game and used the head of the player as a paddle. It works pretty well.

I won't write about the Arkanoid details, but if you are curious, here is the complete code, and here is the video showing the game in action:

I strongly encourage you to experiment with motion detection. It turns out that it can be super easy to implement. Of course, gaming is only one solution — I think that such face detection could be used in many different areas, like recognizing a laptop user (OpenIMAJ has the ability for face recognition also), or raising an alarm when your webcam notices a face in your room.

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