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Convergence of Web And Mobile App Development

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Convergence of Web And Mobile App Development

Confused about which framework you should use? Let's look at choosing the right one for your next project.

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In this Experience Economy, millennial customers expect immediate response and personal attention. Besides, they make decision based on online research and get the job done anytime, anywhere and from any device. Therefore, more and more businesses are increasingly adopting the latest web and mobile app development technologies that enable cross platform and browser adaptability.

These newer web and mobile development technologies are also paving the way for development of apps that are compatible across devices and operating systems. However, when you sit back to choose the right framework for your project it can be confusing as there are many in number. Hence, let us help you.

Cross Platform Web & Mobile App Development Technologies

We at ValueCoders, did our research and shortlisted seven of the top technologies. Here are the technologies  that are making development with the mobile web possible. First of all, Let us start with Chocolate Chip UI-

Chocolate Chip UI

chocolate chip UI web & Mobile app development

The framework simplifies mobile web development, using HTML CSS and Javascript. The framework is released under the MIT license. The framework provides a wide range of programming patterns, widgets, and layouts. The framework also offers integrations with other frameworks and libraries. The framework utilizes the features available in modern mobile browsing engines.

J Query Mobile

jquery mobile app development

JQuery mobile is a framework integrated with modern content management systems and dynamic websites. Many platforms that are built for desktops can be used on the mobile device using JQuery mobile. J Query mobile works as a UI system. It is an HTML 5 framework that helps in developing applications and websites that are cross browser and cross device compatible.


phonegap mobile app development

Another very popular open source tool for cross-platform development is PhoneGap. PhoneGap allows HTML, Javascript and CSS to work on all platforms like Android iOS and Windows. The framework helps in fast conversion of mobile apps to web apps.

Sencha Touch

snecha touch mobile app development

Sencha touch is a cross-platform app development framework, that enables the development of highly interactive applications. The framework adds to the responsiveness of applications. Most of all it is a cost effective framework for development of applications.

React JS

reactjs mobile app development

React is a Javascript framework that enables one-way binding. It features a virtual DOM and helps in efficient re-rendering of DOMs. Moreover, even originating from the JavaScrpt family ReactJS is SEO friendly.

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meteor mobile app development

Meteor is another open source javascript framework that helps in building real-time web applications. Combined with Cordova, Meteor can easily convert web apps to mobile apps.


Firebase is a Google  platform that revolutionizes the web and mobile app developments  world. Specifically helpful to build business applications, Firebase comes with some unique and impressive features like real time database and API over Mongo.

Firebase mobile app development

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Now it depends upon specific requirements which framework you want to opt for your web & mobile app development . We recommend PhoneGap or Sencha touch for low-cost cross-platform apps, whereas ReactJS can be great if you are SEO cautious. On the other hand, Meteor and Firebase are helpful for real-time apps.  Based on other criteria, you can also choose Jquery or Chocolate Chip UI.

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