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Convert More Visitors with Games

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Convert More Visitors with Games

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If you pay any attention to your website analytics, chances are good that you notice a significant disparity between the number of visitors your website sees, and the number of visitors that convert to something more (whether that’s a customer, client or something else). An entire industry has grown up around the universal need to increase conversion, although few of the tools and techniques utilized actually offer much in the way of benefit. There are other solutions, though.

Games can provide you with a significantly higher conversion ratio, particularly when paired with a good call to action. Why is this? What can games offer, and how can you combine a CTA with a game? It’s actually not that complicated.

Using Games

Once upon a time, the World Wide Web was completely text based. Over time, we’ve been moving steadily away from that. First came the advent of basic online graphics and web design, then came animation like Flash. Today, pictures and video content rule the online world. However, they’re not secure on their throne. Games are rapidly becoming the favorite online activity of most users. Why is that?

Games offer a great deal that can’t be achieved through text, or even through the use of images, photos or video content. They offer true interactivity. They rely on the user’s actions – the user is an actual participant, not a passive spectator. They’re also a great deal of fun, and they come with bragging rights as well. Combine that with the shift toward sharing everything through Facebook, Twitter and G+, and you can see where things are heading.


Your Call to Action

While games alone can significantly enhance engagement, they don’t create an increase in conversion unless you use the right call to action. Calls to action are vital components of any marketing strategy, but they’re ideal for use after your player has finished a game. Tie your CTA into the game itself, as well as your business’s offerings. For example, if you operate an online marketing company, combine your game with a call to action that encourages your players to click through to claim their prize of a free AdWords audit.

Don’t Forget the Sharing Link

Even if your player doesn’t click through your call to action, they will usually want to share their score. It’s part and parcel of our competitive nature. You can encourage your users to do that by adding a “share” button on the same screen as their game results, just below your CTA. By encouraging your player to share their scores, you spread the word about your game and help draw in even more visitors, many of whom will click on your CTA and convert.

Are games the one single solution to your conversion needs? No, but they’re a vital component of a modern online marketing strategy. While written content, photos and videos will never go away, today’s savvy Internet audience demands greater interaction, and games are an excellent way to give them that while encouraging better conversion.


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