Converting Test Cases Into a Successful Project

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Converting Test Cases Into a Successful Project

Let’s have a look at how changing a test management tool can have an impact on a project that works perfectly well from all points of view.

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Too often, there are factors that can lead to a major change. A change that affects a lot of processes and people involved in the software development process. Here, let’s have a look at how changing a test management tool can have an impact on a project that works perfectly well from all points of view.

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What are test case management tools and why we need them direly in the software development process? Test case management tool is a way to record and maintain these records regarding all test cases, test planning and updated status of the various software quality assurance activities. These tools are designed to assist the software testing process and make testing a less cumbersome process.

The Idea of Changing a Test Case Management Tool:

There can be a number of reasons for which a company can choose to switch from one test case management tool to another. Let’s briefly discuss these factors:

  1. Pricing — One of the most crucial factors when enterprises choose a test management tool is its pricing. Major stakeholders analyze all aspects of a tool and the additional training costs associated with these tools.

  2. Features and functionality — Software testing teams look for test management tools that match with their testing suite, processes, and other software testing tools. Thus, they check all its features including its flexibility and ease of use, tracking capabilities, integration of automation testing, real-time reporting, easy tracking, etc.

  3. Legal Terms and Conditions — Enterprises have a number of legal concerns when it comes to agreeing with the terms and conditions of companies that offer these tools. Thus, they need to be analyzed carefully.

Phases of Converting Test Cases Into a Successful Project

Once stakeholders have considered all other aspects of a tool, it is time to move forward with converting test cases into successful projects. Following are its different phases:

1. Identifying Initial Requirements

Each software development project has a different set of requirements. These requirements include:

  • APIs, plug-ins, and integrations — In case you are switching from one tool to another, rewriting test cases will consume time, so they should have the ability to import data in bulk. APIs will be used to run automated tests. JIRA or continuous testing tools should be integrated for better results.

  • Permission — Various user levels require various permissions to access a tool.

  • Test Management — With a good tool, testers should be able to create, delete, edit, and sort test cases. When writing new tests, they should write different steps and expected results to make it easier to pass or fail tests.

2. Identify and Evaluate Tools

Once testers are done with identifying the initial requirements, they need to research and analyze all other alternatives to come up with a list of all available products. It helps them in making a wise choice for their business.

3. Migration to the New Tool

When migrating to a chosen test management tool, it is crucial to determine a plan and see what approach is the best. It should be based on all previous steps taken to choose a tool.

After devising a plan, the technical areas should be highlighted and provided with thorough coverage. Testers export the test cases, attachments and other information from the previous tool to the new as a successful project. All these steps can help in converting test management tools into successful projects without losing your previous work.

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